Pneumatic transport systems



They's used in the transport of materials in a compressed air stream within the granulate pipeline. Pneumatic transport operation principle is the force transmitted to the load to be carried by the pressurized air stream. As the compressed air is not considered offensive to all pipeline materials. Pneumatic transporters to be the most important point in the permeability of the material to be transported, and low air flow through the materials is rapidly moving through the material. This principle of dust and very small particulate materials, before the material begins with activating the ventilating material. For wet or wet material is titreştirererek material before the material begins with animate. Pneumatic transport, in many branches of industry, casting, raw materials, ceramic, cement used in the goods transport sector.


1. There is no material loss.

2. Material properties deteriorate, homogeneity, relative density, particle size and so on.

3. To save space.

4. Having a system completely isolated.

5. Possibility placed in the desired location.

6. According to the laying of the pipeline operator's placement.

7. The lack of moving parts to minimize downtime and maintenance costs is.

8.Ta automatic processing personnel need to download the minimum rates.


It eliminates the risk of lack of spark 1.Dön elements, but there is no risk of explosion blazing.
2.Sist but proper filtration and eliminate the risk of gas explosion jam is removed from the selection of safety valves.

3.Siste automation is sensitive to all the problems.

Lack need 4.Personel turns the absence of mechanical elements allows fully automated processing for many years, job security

5. They tetb received through this, man and machine were minimized induced failures, production downtime is prevented.


The type of material, temperature, humidity, sieve analysis, all the physical and chemical properties, operating conditions, the climate of the place where, transmission distance, elbow Total, according to the cost analysis eye gönen is done by our engineers.