Granular transport systems

These types of systems, the particle structure is used in the transfer of material larger sending regime called dense phase, the particle spacing and high air permeability and that is the material, so there is no need for high speed, material velocity in the line is very low, prune wear and vibrations minimized, pipe is completely filled with the material, it is an ideal regimen for advanced materials.

The dry granules transport systems
Such systems are usually ideal for very low transmission ratio for materials kullanılı molding sand.












Wet granular transport systems
Such systems are commonly used for transmission of wet molding sand. Ideal for very high humidity materials. Bunkers along with the sender is on a spring frame, making a repetition rate that vibration bonding material, shipping is provided.


Wet sand sender during trial


Wet sand transport app (Ferro Döküm / GEBZE-KOCAELİ)


Hot granular transport systems
Such systems are designed according to the temperature of the material, all the equipment is resistant to high temperature sealing valve sensor etc.
180 ° C, the polyester granules sender