Core Sand Regeneration Systems

Spades, transport and quality loses up to 15% during settlement after casting the other hand, the destruction of unifying literally in the game is very difficult. Core sand reclaimed this problem our system we have minimize.

LTG TECHNICAL regenerating system consisting of the following sections.


- Vibration bowl, and grind the core stack to separate impurities

- Filter station to give a dusting powder and regeneration

- Pneumatic sender was regenerated with compressed air to send the sand silo

- Reclaimed sand storage silo, again with a dosing unit for unloading core making


Core parts or residues are fed with the vibratory conveyor rude or unloading containers. Located next to the container through two vibration motors, the core components specially designed vessel wall and breaks a collision with each other. As a result, the following screen passes through the sand from the required fineness. Smoking continues to be processed at night, during which dust is sucked through the fan and kept the filter. Also residue collected at the time screens, thanks to the two cleaning window next to the machine can be easily temzilen.


Coarse grains> 1.5mm: continue to break the foreign substance from the cleaning window
                                                    or it is taken directly out of the crusher.

Refurbished sand


Dust: Filter ventilation is evacuated

Our system is fully automated with 7/24 software system is used without the appropriate manual.





Uygulama ( Ferro Döküm / İSTANBUL)