Core Sand Processing System

These systems, core sand to the weight you set volume, the component concentration is prepared according to the temperature and sand which conveys the core pressing needs.


1) Sand Stock Silos:

  Sand silos are selected according to the factory's consumption, pneumatic, the installation line, the air filter is available, the pressure relief valve, lower level sensors, railing and ladder, conical hats inside the silo for homogeneous consumption are available. We have optional double wall production for natural cooling.


2) Pneumatic Shipper: Shippers pneumatic, material, capacity, according to the dispatch from selected, if desired, in a few different siloya our shipping yapılabilir.gönderici is fully automated. Target stops when the silo is full, try again when empty. From the control panel, which silo shipping
done, how much material can be traced Which silos.


3) Daily Operation Silo:

Daily use of silos is the system needs about 1 day, are the lower and upper level sensor for pneumatic notify the sender needs sand. Air filter is available.


4) Filter

Our filter cleans the filter cloth by mechanical vibration, ideal for air transport is often used as a base silos can put his foot etch apparatus.


5) Kaskade Dust Separator:

Core making is one of the main factors that reduce dust resistance, disrupts the mixing ratio of the components and becomes brittle cores. The powder grain size by sucking in our dust separator cascade, which we achieve a homogeneous sand.


6) Dust Unit:

Dust extraction unit in the cascade depends on the dust separator. Cyclone, filter, and consists of a suction fan, keeping the large particles to the cyclone filter
the filter takes the load, bag type filter is easily cleanable.



7) Sand Dosing Unit:

As the weight of the mixture of sand which is located above the load cell and give dosages mixer.


8) Acid-Resin Unit:

Serpentines through the liquid contained in the tank are kept at a constant temperature, the installation of the pump piston aquaria mevcuttur.dozaj desired volume of liquid is to send to the mixer.


9) Mixer:

Two-axis work, the scraper after each mixture cleans its container is designed to prepare 50-100-150 kg of sand.


10) Auto:

Prepare the sand mixer, it conveys the desired press core .


11) Control Panel:


_DSC0191a 12) Core Presses