Mould and Core Coating Sytems

Such systems are used to apply the paint onto the spades spades manufactured in foundries, non-motorized, off-pump is a system that works only with air and electricity. LTG Tech has pioneered the development of core washing systems washing method with operating principle. Such systems are the most efficient coating system.


Bo resulting from the drying pump motor to eliminate the clogging of the valve

Bo's constantly stirring to obtain a uniform coating

The abolition of the painting with a spray gun and paint loss -Fırç


-Operator Minimization of errors

Deep-eyes and even film thickness of all the mold surfaces, including vertical surfaces

Mould surfaces after casting and thereby reduction in erosion of the sand and refractory inclusions

The disappearance of -Fırç and surface smoothing scars

Shortening of time and the increase in the number of parts of -Painting

-Harf Number of improvements such as images detail


Locations of used dyeing process

The casting process for -Straf

The cast for -Savur

To improve properties -Metalurjik

-Refractory And to protect the metal kits


Why are we doing painting

-The To increase the quality, to eliminate surface defects.

To protect from casting defects at EU level,

-Metal Penetration

Mould erosion

-Carbon / phosphorus / sulfur to prevent the accumulation

-Gas Errors

Mould / metal reactions

-Who Expansion errors

-Metalurjik Errors

Separation of the mold or the core part -Casting


The raw materials used in paint

Graphite, zircon, silica, alumina, magnesite, mullite, chromite, quartz, olivine, Plorofilit, Talc, Mica

Core painting unit


Core painting


Smooth surface of the piece obtained Paint application


Errors created in the wrong part of the surface staining