Mechanical Vibrating Filter

Silo-top filter with

Such filters are normally manufactured in bunkers as the edilir.haric installed above may be manufactured as a bunker silo. In general, they do not have a rectangular or square kesitlidirler.e have fans. Pneumatic transport the material made (with pneumatic push sender or silos) are used to relieve the accumulated pressure in the silo or bunker.

Bodies are directly connected to the silo or bunker. Separated from each other the material and air mixture into the silo, powder material and the air is expelled back into the silo döktürülürk.


Over Silo Filter Uses

- Silobas discharge

- Pneumatic conveying systems

- Silo filling

- Industrial plants

- Concrete Batching Plants

- Cement Plants


Silo-top filter, which is in dry powder and granular sand, bentonite, coal, cement, ash, stone dust, food, plastics and preventing the spread of dust filling out the ambient air clean your amount of various chemicals,


Vibrating Filter Operating System

While filling the silo into material vibratory conveying air passes through the filter cassette filter element. Powder material is retained by the filter, while cleaned transport air is discharged. Vibration motor is located in the upper part of the filter that shakes the earth and dust clinging onto the filter material into the silo döktürül again. Vibration system and filter assembly is located within the outer weather resistant protection housing.


Vibrating Filter Features

- Bottom flange and connection adapter

- Maintenance-vibration mechanism

- Durable and lockable top cover to outside weather conditions

- Highly efficient cassette filters

- Mounted easily demountable from the side cover and filter bags

- Ready for mounting structure


Vibrating Filter Application Areas

- Sand silo

- Bentonite silo

- Cement silo

- Gypsum silo

- Calcite silo

- PVC silos

- Silos

- Dust collection systems

- Dust silo

- Raw material filling systems

- Dosing applications

- Filling bunkers

Silo Top Filters


Leg-type silo top filter

Such filters are not above the silo cases or filter the preferred when placed in front of the fan.


Chimney Filters

Such filters, where suction is required, the installation of dusty materials used in the unloading area.
There suction fan is automatically cleaned by mechanical vibration filter bags after each use.


Application areas

Bamburi Filter Rubber Dough Machine, Rubber Knead Dough Machine Filter