Jet Pulse Filter


In this type of filter is completely dry environment, different types (selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the powder to be filtered) obtained by the needling process from synthetic fibers (needle felt) it performs filtration of the event filter elements. Filtration filter bags during the time of the external surface of the accumulated dust by using the compressed air (Jet-Pulse Technique) is automatically cleared. Briefly filtration is carried out as follows:


The system eventually found that (after filtering) created by fans from dusty gases through the top of the bunker through the pipe due to the vacuum inlet cowl and are distributed via the bunker before they enter the bag. Because the outer bag is made of filtering inward. At the same time deposited on the surface layer of dust filtering bags also helps. Dollar cleaned gases bag inner surface through the clean my upper ksi gas cell and discharged into the atmosphere from the chimney fans through the clean gas outlet pipe (fresh air through filtered through the fan. Over time filter cleaning of accumulated dust layer outside of the bag is made thanks to the compressed air. If spilled powder from the bag filter bottom bunkers from the air lock (A-Lock) and Screw Conveyors are taken out by or deposited in a bucket. Compressed air impact on the filter bags during the cleaning process is provided with a short stroke. The air pulse provides the effect of two types of the bag: compressed air vibration caused by the bag and powders in the consequent bags surface crumbling to dökülmesi.torb inner surface compressed air bag inflating with the inner surface to the outer surface attempt to depart powder out throwing opening of the air bag pores spraying pressurized air short time intervals, the filter bag operation is ensured by an electronic timer. Time and duration of the impact of the intermediate cleaning of the filter body of ayarlanabilir.torba vacuum (negative pressure) is prevented by flattening the cage. Top that is made from clean or replace the filter assembly side after opening the top of the pumpkin bag.


 Overall Jet-Pulse Bag Filter are divided among themselves, although the group divided into two main types:



They are manufactured in rectangular or square shaped body. Flow rate 500 m3 / h to 6000 m3 / h in the range. In small dust vacuum process will be one or two points kullanılırlar.kull some of my areas:

 Food & Plastics Sector,

Precious MetalProcessing Sector,

Chemical Industry


They are manufactured in rectangular or square shaped body. Flow ranges from 6,000 m3 / h to 100,000 m3 / dedusting are used in the process made the point in değişir.çokl h intervals. At this point, the vacuum powder with a hood from each, collected in a central collector pipe filter? It is passed from

Usage areas:

 Cement Industry,

Iron & Steel Industry

Chemical Industry

Mining Industry


Application (Seramiksan / MANİSA)